Paris-Inspired Skincare for Changing Weather

Paris-Inspired Skincare for Changing Weather


''Dear Glow boss, Summer is for basking in the sun, relishing the warm weather, day long trips to beaches. Well, Paris weather has other plans.''

For the past few weeks, all we have been getting is cold temperatures, flash showers, and windy rain. Yes, not just rain, but water-directed-at-your-face rain. Oh Paris, my love, you never bore. See, the thing is, Paris is indisputably the best place to shop prestige brands. Keep reading.


                                   Paris Blue Skies 

What we stand for

 Science proven effective solutions, multifunctional products with a strong history and simple straightforward routines. Angele Ammal is where you shop skincare tailored for brown and pigmented skin, acne scars, hyperpigmented skin etc.

Angele Ammal is the place to shop only the most premium skincare...from your plush couch. Inspired by French beauty i.e the natural clean girl aesthetic, Angele Ammal is where I mean the most popping place to shop skincare from anywhere in the EU.  

                            The city is our backdrop       

The Tea...

Glowing through Moody Climate

For the worst most volatile weather, our flash recommendations of the best products to navigate changing weather is what you need. This way, no matter whatever season you may be in a a single day,  your skin will be protected at all times.  You can the glow boss you are and was always meant to be.

Skip carrying around bags heavy with unnecessary products and traipsing around Paris with depleted pockets ( thinking of those terrace cocktails you’re dying to have but can't afford if you keep buying non-satisfying skincare ;) ).

 We don’t believe in heavy long routines, purses full of products (although we don’t judge either way!) and single problem solving skincare. That’s just not how we look at skincare. Here are the best products to help navigate moody climate

                                         Rainstorm in Paris 

The Haul…

  • Amatus Super Serum
  • Antipodes Glow Vitamin C serum
  • Antipodes Lime Caviar Cream

                                   The Perfect Trio 

The Science...

 Serums to soothe your skin in changing weather. 

Hot climates are climbing at record temperatures. Prolonged exposure of this mercurial climate overwhelms the skin provoking excess sebum. Without being able to sweat it out (due to the increased humidity in the air), your skin can end up exhausted, prone to breakouts and visibility enlarged pores..

 For volatile weather, Use lightweight creams that won’t clog your pores and ‘overheat’ your skin. Nobody wants to feel weighed down on a hot day, so aim for ‘serum’, ‘mists’ and minimal skincare with few yet power-packed actives. 

  anti-aging serum                                        Amatus Skin Super Serum

'For hot and humid weather'

The Amatus Super Serum with Arbutin will nourish your skin without leaving it feeling heavy and saturated. This complex serum packs a powerhouse of products, some of our favorites being Niacinamide, one of the products we are obsessing about this summer (wink wink, wait for the upcoming deep dive! ). The headlining ingredient for this serum is  Arbutin, a compound with antioxidant benefits known to reduce the signs of hyperpigmentation. It is best used at night for refreshed skin in the morning.

 'Vitamin C: Perfect for any weather, any temperature'

 But protecting the skin it’s not just about preventing sun damage and harsh temperatures. External pollutants in the air can make a number on our skin over the course of our lifetimes (yes lifetimes cos gorg skin is forever)!

Vitamin C is already known as a powerful antioxidant and skin brightening agent, but just like a close-knit group chat, the surprises just keep on coming. Recent studies have shown that solutions containing Vitamin C skincare are able to protect the skin against combined pollutant exposure (think ultraviolet radiation and particulate matter in the air) and even restore the impaired skin barrier after prolonged exposure. 

                                     Antipodes Glow Vitamin C Serum

The Antipodes Glow Vitamin C Serum is made with Kakadu prune extract, a plum native from Australia, with high levels of Vitamin C and Bakuchiol, a vegan compound also working as a strong antioxidant capable of reducing skin discolorations. This serum is light, smooth, and soothing, and is the perfect addition to your secret arsenal as you go about your day!


'For cold and dry weather'

Weather that is dry and cold can  stress out your skin in different ways.

According to Board certified Dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Kiracofe in this article for the American Academy of Dermatology, during low temperatures our skin can have a difficult time retaining moisture (and harsh cold wind against our face can definitely exacerbate these effects). At the end of the day your skin is left itchy and dry, so it’s important to switch to heavier, complex rich creams that will be able to protect you. A glow boss can’t be out here looking dusty and crusty, can she?


                               Antipodes Lime Caviar Collagen-Rich Firming Cream

Antipode’s Lime Caviar Cream is rich with lemon caviar extract as well as SEPILIFT DPHP, an agent proven to moisturize and smooth the signs of aging by stimulating collagen fibers in the skin. Apart from smelling absolutely fresh, this Caviar Cream will keep our skin hydrated and plump looking. What more can you ask for?


The Gist…

Flash Skincare Recommendations for Volatile Weather

 Worldwide, the climate is getting harsher, the seasons more bipolar, and the weather more capricious.  If you are visiting or currently living out the experience that is Paris, you know what we’re talking about. You can be in one arrondissement layered up in SPF and sun hat, drinking in the summer rains, and two arrondissements ahead people are wearing out their chic ponchos and rain boots. Remember, the skin is our largest organ and is the most exposed to external hazards, so we need to insanely care for it and use only the best–absolute best. 

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