About Us

Authenticity & Aesthetics is our brand's philosophy. Beauty is our business and quality is our mission. From product packaging to delivery, Angele Ammal is concerned with the sublime, the scintillating, and the sensual.

For our founder, Jennifer Youngmann, skincare started as a self journey to healing, recovery and finding inner beauty. Through her skincare routine, she found discipline, confidence, knowledge and inner peace. Starting with an eclectic playlist, quality skincare accessories and varied skincare products, Jennifer's routine is all about one thing: recreating a one-of-a kind goddess glow everyday.

A true cosmopolitan brand , Angele Ammal Skin curates skincare products sourced from the UK, US, Norway, Korea and New Zealand. We give you the skincare you deserve and help you find your inner glow god/dess. Say goodbye to eczema, acne, blocked pores, rosacea, uneven skin tone because perfect skin... is closer than you think. Just, seek the cheeky cherubim of hope.

Angele Ammal [uhn-gel Ah-mal]|Angel of Hope.