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Skin Concerns


Use this gentle exfoliating cleanser which helps to soothe skin and dry up active acne. Over time blemishes fade out.

Specially crafted for oily and breakout prone skin types, this cleanser stops acne and breakouts before they appear.

This cleanser halts undesirable skin conditions such as acne, flaky skin in their tracks. It's preventive and restrorative active ingredient strategically restores skin to its normal ph levels while keeping skin hydrated.

Key ingredients include salicylic acid, glycerin, glycolic acid etc. Bye, dull skin.


Age care

The glam moisturiser rejuvenates the skin and speeds cell renewal. Overtime it smoothens the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

Ageing is natural and all you can do is age gracefully with the right skincare products and routine. Therefore, the Complex moisturiser helps your skin maintain and create a youthful appearance. Young or old, this moisturiser for everyone.

The Complex Moisturiser's star ingredient is soluble collagen sourced from Fish Skin Extract, typically used in burn survivors to speed up cell turn turnover and spur skin renewal.


Dry|Uneven skin

This serum is soothing and effective. It combines hyaluronic acid, rose water and alpha arbutin which provides moisture and reduces the appearance of fine lines

Name a better duo. Your serum is always accompanied by your other favorite product. Argue with your mother... NYC thing...

Segueing back, this soothing serum’s lightweight texture allows your skin to absorb the ingredients faster and more effectively. While soothing the skin, the serum rejuvenates and improves complexion.  Therefore, the Super Serum also doubles as a glow serum as it blesses the skin with a radiant and youthful glow.


Suitable for sensitive skin, this step combines the Korean five step method of cleansing, plumping, detoxing, toning, hydrating and lip care.


Les patrons badass nus brillent et électrisent la pièce dans laquelle ils entrent. Ils dégagent une beauté qui rayonne de l'intérieur. Leur secret ? Une combinaison de génétiques époustouflantes, d'une confiance effrontée et d'une routine de soins de la peau gagnante. Nous pouvons vous aider avec la dernière partie. Prêt à être nu et badass avec nous ? Pas de soucis, nous savons déjà... que vous êtes un BOSS.


Our Committment

Less means more in a climate challenged world. Therefore, we will only offer a limited amount of products, free of sulphates and parabens, from eco-conscious and cruelty-free brands. More recycling, less waste