Exfoliating: Chemical or Mechanical

Exfoliating: Chemical or Mechanical

This summer, the only ex you should be about is exfoliating. Your skin rejuvenates itself approximately every 27 days. The first step to “sculpted cheekbones” is new and fresh skin.  This new skin becomes a base layer for new products to treat and correct skin issues such as acne, dark spots etc. Now, what exactly is exfoliation?

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, “exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the outer layer of your skin”. The outer skin layer, also known as the epidermis, produces new skin cells, regulates your body temperature and keeps your body hydrated.  You can wait for your body to naturally exfoliate every month or you can be proactive and exfoliate to ensure glowing skin every week. Disclaimer! For all skin types, the Academy warns “if not done properly, [exfoliation] could do more harm than good”. Expert recommendation is that across board for dry and  sensitive skin, exfoliate once a week and oily/combination twice a week.

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 Chemical exfoliants are easy to use and tend to be smoother in texture. They help to slough off dead skin to reveal smooth and glowing skin underneath. However, they can contain strong acids that can be harsh on very sensitive skin. A cult favorite is The Ordinary’s “AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling solution”. Fortified with Tasmanian pepperberry, the dark red peeling solution helps to decongest pores  and even skin texture.

A chemical exfoliant is a vital part of your home facial inventory alongside your toner, serum, sheet mask, moisturizer and sunscreen. Your skin needs a clean slate so that all the other enriching  products can do their kickass job. Chemical exfoliants are great for dry skin and sensitive and oily skin types. Sensitive skin types need to be careful when choosing a chemical exfoliate to avoid worsening inflammation or burning skin. 

On the other hand, mechanical exfoliants tend to contain non-granulated sugar or salt particles like Organic Shop’s Body Scrub or diatomaceous earth like Amatus Skin Complex Cleanser. Our very own Amatus Skin complex  cleanser triples as a gentle makeup remover, cleanser and exfoliator for skin types susceptible with acne scars, rough skin and uneven skin texture. The reviews speak for themselves.

Mechanical exfoliators “scrub” away dead skin cells for smoother and softer skin. Avoid scrubs that feel abrasive and rough to the skin as they can cause irritation and microscopic tears in the skin. Mechanical exfoliants are good for oily skin and combination types. For body care, mechanical exfoliants give you a bang for your buck because they are long-lasting, affordable and efficient. Keep one in your shower caddy and you will never forget to exfoliate. Follow with a face serum or body oil and admire the glisten that comes after.

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Exfoliation is a vital step in your skincare ritual for smooth and soft skin. A consistent skincare routine backed with high quality products and professional procedures such as facials will help you achieve your skin goals.  Keeping a skincare log can help you track weekly goals and monitor what steps you follow daily.

Confused about what ingredients to look out for in your products? Well,  stay confused or follow our IG and find out that we highlight product ingredients to keep you informed! Listen, angel, forget the ex and exfoliate today. And while you are it,  enjoy a skinfantastic summer!! *cheesy grin



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