Microbiome Beauty 101

Microbiome Beauty 101

We are tapping into microbiome skincare...

Hold the phone…Microbiome beauty is calling.  Microbiome, the beauty in good bacteria, is doing the rounds in skincare. From promises of relieving skin conditions like eczema and acne to raving reviews of how biome-friendly products plump the skin, microbiome-friendly products claim to balance and fortify the skin’s ecosystem. It truly does feel out here like microbiome skincare can do no wrong. However, what is a microbiome-friendly product?


A microbiome-friendly product is essentially a product containing live or non-live bacteria and/or active ingredients to support the bacteria of the skin and avoid the overgrowth of bad bacteria that can be inflammatory and aggressive. Micro biome-supporting products, typically of a gentler formulation, can balance PH levels in the skin and protect the skin’s barrier.  They are usually composed of probiotics or prebiotics. They sound similar but are not the same. Probiotics contain live bacteria capable of balancing the skin microbiome, whereas prebiotics are made up of ingredients that nourish and support our beneficial bacteria. 

What is the major takeaway? Basically, to truly care for your skin you have to tend to the bacteria already living in your skin- well the good ones mostly. Favor the good ones and fend off the bad ones. 

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Available this summer on site, the Antipodes Culture Probiotic Gel Repairing Night Cream is a must-have. This ‘biome-supporting’ night cream is  recharges and nourish your skin during your beauty sleep hours.

Enriched with probiotic Kalibiome AGE to strenghthen the skin barrier and revitalise cells, the Probiotic Night cream also contains,  Hylauronic acid and Black Mamaku tree for hydrating and soothing effects. This can help to stimulate collagen production to firm skin and improve elasticity.

It's main core active,  Kalibome AGE active, has been  shown to improve the density of the dermis in only 6 weeks.

                                Antipodes Probiotic Water Cream

Angele Ammal, the EU's premiere emerging selective skincare e-tail, stays ahead of the most important trends.  Every brand on the store goes through a rigorous process to guarantee high quality so your skin and its microbiome stays strong and balanced. Basically, by accessing the brand selection you can find the right products to help you be the most radiant and authentic you. 

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Our skin is an active environment containing millions of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It’s microbiome is in constant flux and changes to internal and external elements and its changes are shown on the surface of our skin. Still, the conversation surrounding the skin microbiome is limited compared to the possibilities it has. Let’s talk more. Tune in.

 *Remember your call might monitored for quality assurance purposes* so leave a comment below if you have ever used pre or probiotic skincare. 


Contributing Writer, Angeline Medina holds an MSC in fashion, design and luxury management and lives in Paris. 




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