Three Ways to Start Your Skincare Routine

Three Ways to Start Your Skincare Routine

A skin care routine? Sounds like a lot of work already. Thing is, it doesn’t have to be. Think about a skincare routine like a spiritual and sensual experience. It’s you time! Here are three ways to start your new beauty routine.


Step 1: Determine what type of pleasure seeker you are

Visual, tactile, olfactory, etc. If you are a visual pleasure seeker, surround yourself with art and visuals  that bring beauty to your mind and inspire you. If you are a tactile pleasure seeker, get silk fabrics or objects with textures you like. And finally, if you are an olfactory pleasure seeker, then get into aromatherapy! Scents do it for you, especially if they smell divine and pure. A skincare routine does not need to feel like work because it should make you feel good and relaxed! So, light up a candle for that next skincare session. 


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Step 2: Find the right products for your skin type

Oily, Dry or Combination skin? Don’t know your skin type ? Amatus Skin produces a range of products that are gentle and complex to simplify your beauty routine. If you have dry or combination then gentle would work better and if you have dry and sensitive skin the complex would do. Check your product ingredient label to see if they contain ingredients that are clean i.e free of parabens and cruelty-free if you are ethically conscious. Finally,  shop brands that promote zero waste because being eco-conscious is the new cool. 



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Step 3: Start your skincare routine

A preventive, maintenance, additive or reparative skincare routine? A preventive skincare routine seeks to stop skin issues from occurring. This is best if you have gone through treatments to address  a specific skin issue and protect your skin barrier from pollutants or contaminants.  A maintenance skincare routine is the most common treatment because it keeps pesky skin issues at bay while taking basic care of the skin. An additive skincare routine seeks out new specific ingredients to improve your skin or give it a natural glow. Finally a reparative skincare routine is a treatment routine that addresses a skin issue directly. This type of routine is usually recommended by dermatologists. Regardless of what skincare routine you choose or find yourself in, don't forget your once a month facial! Stay gorgeous, angels.




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